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Rocket Matter’s case management software makes it a breeze for you to keep track of your cases, timekeeping, documents, and billing. You can also simplify your workflows and save a ton of time with powerful automation features.

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All Your Case Details in One Place

Rocket Matter's legal case management software offers a comprehensive array of tools designed to centralize and optimize your firm’s operations, ensuring efficiency and accessibility across various devices from anywhere.

Rocket Matter’s platform serves as a robust solution, catering to the needs of personal injury law firms for customizable dashboards, seamless remote access, and real-time event tracking. These features amalgamate to create an efficient and collaborative environment for effective case and task management, fostering enhanced productivity and teamwork.

Explore these essential functionalities:


Tailor your firm’s dashboard to easily access a matter’s calendar events, tasks, related contacts, time and billing information, and account balances. This customization ensures that your team has immediate access to the most relevant and crucial details, optimizing decision-making and workflow management. You can also rearrange widgets to highlight the information that's most important to you.

Automate Tedious Tasks with Matter Templates

Create your own parameters for tasks and events and apply them automatically to whichever cases you select. Categorize your tasks by matter type or create and automate them by client or other classification. Your pre-defined workflow makes it simple to keep track of your “to-do” list at all times. Rocket Matter’s law practice management software offers a robust suite of tools to automate and streamline your firm’s workflows. These key features ensure efficiency in managing tasks and optimizing productivity.

Rocket Matter’s Matter Templates offer an unparalleled advantage by automating tedious tasks, enhancing task management efficiency, and enabling complete customization to suit your firm’s unique needs. This automation not only saves valuable time but also ensures a systematic and organized approach to handling case-related workflows.

Discover how Matter Templates revolutionize your operations:

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Customize Your Legal Matter Management Software to Meet Your Firm’s Needs

Rocket Matter works with your law firm's processes to help save time and money. Rocket Matter’s comprehensive range of features seamlessly aligns with your law firm’s processes, aiming to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Rocket Matter’s customizable solutions cater specifically to legal professionals, offering control over budget management, precise data organization, and insightful reporting capabilities. This customization facilitates streamlined contact management, facilitates efficient client communication, and ensures accurate time tracking, enabling your firm to operate efficiently while ensuring client satisfaction.

Access Your Firm’s Information Anytime, Anywhere

Stay connected and informed wherever you are. Rocket Matter empowers you to manage your firm’s critical information and effortlessly track time and expenses on the move.

Keep a firm grip on matters, communicate seamlessly with clients, and access essential documents from your smartphone or any internet-enabled device.

Rocket Matter’s native applications for both iOS and Android ensure uninterrupted access on mobile devices with the greatest flexibility via browser on desktops, laptops, and tablets. Accessibility and efficient management enhance your adaptability and responsiveness to the demands of your legal practice.

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"Overall, my experience with Rocket Matter has been very successful in navigating through the website and it is pretty self explanatory which helps when training new employees comes up. The ease in using this software makes working to track time spent on cases flawless."

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Brittany Grey
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"Rocket Matter has been excellent for our firm and it allows us to maintain excellent billing practices while maintaining everything in an organized fashion."
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