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    10 Surprising Internet Marketing Statistics

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      We at Rocket Matter are numbers crazy. We love our Internet marketing statistics and metrics. Call us geeks, but it’s always fun for us to learn all the ins and outs and probabilities and likelihoods for our own marketing efforts. And when you dig, there’s always some stats that blow you away.
      In 2012, an estimated 144.8 billion emails were sent every day. That’s 52.8 trillion emails over the course of the year.
      Business to Consumer blogging companies get 88% more leads/month than those who don’t blog.
      Business-to-Business companies are in a similar boat: they receive 67% more leads/month than those who don’t blog.
      Contrary to what most businesses believe, consumers don’t interact with them on social media to build relationships as much as they’d like to think: One of the most common reason for consumers to interact with businesses on social media (55% of them) is for purchasing decisions. Only 33% interact to feel a connected to a company and 22% do so to be part of a community.
      In contrast, 64% of businesses believe consumers interact with them to be part of a community.
      15 million companies have pages on Facebook, reported by the social media jugernaut in 2013.
      Not exactly an Internet stat, but a thought-provoking one nonetheless: for each customer that complains to you about your service or product, nearly 26 others say nothing.
      23.8% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, not computers.
      Tuesdays had the most consistent open rates for marketing emails in 2012, at 10.6%
      Email open rates peak between 10AM and 12PM.

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