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    3 Ways Video Can Give Your Online Marketing a Boost


      So you’ve emailed your newsletters, compiled your ebooks and shared your infographics on social media. What else can you do to give your online marketing a boost? The answer may lie in video.
      Video, you say? Why, of course.
      The Next Web Technology Blog claims that video is one of the top ten web design trends that we can expect to see in 2014. Videos are becoming easier to produce and easier to share. While videos are large in size and may take forever to load, they are an overwhelmingly effective way to communicate ideas when words fail.
      Here are a few ways that you can use video to help drive traffic to your website and build your business.
      1. Incorporate Video into the Hero Area of Your Website
      For those unfamiliar with website lingo, the “hero area” of a website refers to the main image on a home page or landing page. This is generally where the site’s main messaging takes place.
      Websites for much talked about products such as Coin (a highly anticipated digital credit card) and Paper (a digital notebook iOS app by Fifty Three) use videos brilliantly on their hero areas. As the first thing you see, the videos help capture the attention of viewers and explain products and features more thoroughly than words ever could.
      If you do choose to incorporate video into the hero area of your website, make sure that you remain loyal to your branding. The message, style, and tone of the video should be kept similar to the rest of the web design. This kind of consistency will help gain users’ trust.
      2. Video Can Help the Open Rate of Your Newsletter
      Video was rarely used in email marketing due to embedding problems and other issues. As technology has evolved, we have seen the majority of these setbacks disappear.
      Today, the simple act of putting the word “video” (preferably in all caps and in brackets) in your subject heading can increase it’s open rate. You can also create clickable hyperlinked words and images to direct users to your video.
      Wistia, a video hosting website for businesses, tested two exact emails with identical content. The only different was that one had video as the top piece of content other than an illustrated graphic. The click/open ratio for the email with video was an astounding 300% higher.
      3. Go Viral With Social Media
      Putting video on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter is a great way to engage and connect with untapped audiences. When video links are shared online, they go viral much faster than written content.
      Videos that are shared through social media encourage audience participation and dialogue. The more people see it, the stronger your visibility in the marketplace.
      Take advantage of video sharing through such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and even the popular photo-sharing site Instagram, who recently extended its features to include video.
      Many other websites such as YouTube and Vimeo will allow you to post videos and track information such as how many views your videos receive, allowing you to better plan content for your website.

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