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    4 Critical Facebook Privacy and Security Considerations for Attorneys


      We all did stupid things in college, and now Facebook is there to help us broadcast those youthful indescretions to the world. Even the founders of the social media juggernaut themselves have skeletons in their closets, including Eduardo Saverin’s famous chicken cannibalism incident.

      Not only that, there’s all sorts of talk out there in the world, and now you’re a professional with a reputation to manage. So what measures can you take when anyone you’ve ever known, at anytime, can post whatever they want about you to the online world?

      1. Determine what you want to share.

      The whole idea about Facebook is about exchanging information with your friends and/or colleagues. So step one is to clarify what you’re comfortable sharing and with whom. Do you care if strangers see pictures of your kids? How about everyone in your network? Are you cool with random people putting up pictures of you and tagging you in them?

      2. Conduct your Facebook sessions over HTTPS.

      Make sure that all use of Facebook is over an encrypted channel. In the spirit of knowing who you’re sharing information with, make sure that other people at Starbucks, the library, or whatever other WiFi spot you hop on won’t be able to see your Facebook traffic.

      3. Get Notified When People Talk About You

      I recommend setting notifications for when people tag you in anything. You’re going to want to know if there’s a new photo, video, or post involving you.

      4. Ensure Only You Can See Your Tagged Photos or Videos

      When someone tags you in a photo or video, you can configure Facebook to let only you see the tag. This is a pretty important feature for maintaining your reputation. When others have the ability to broadcast images of you to the rest of the world, you cede a lot of reputation control.

      We’re interested. What are your favorite settings for Facebook privacy and security?

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