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    4 Ways To Optimize Your Meta Descriptions


      Meta descriptions are important attributes of your web pages that, when written correctly, are part of effective web page optimization and increase the click-through rate of your SERP.
      In a sense, when you are writing your meta descriptions, keep in mind that you are doing so in part for the search engines, but mainly to sell your web page.
      Here are some sure-fire tips for writing effective meta descriptions:
      1. Watch the length. Limit your descriptions to around 156 Characters. Longer descriptions will simply get cut off and will not add extra value to your web page. Aim for a concise explanation of your unique value proposition, or the specifics of your content.
      2. Create unique meta descriptions for all your important pages. It isn’t necessary to create meta descriptions for all of the site’s pages, but you should create them for all of your most important ones. Examples include your home page and product pages. The description should be a brief summary of the page itself.
      3. Include your most relevant search term(s) inside. Having the term(s) in the description will help attract clicks. In addition, when someone is searching for that particular phrase it will appear in bold in your SERP. This will help further increase the visibility.
      4. Make it appealing to searchers. Make sure that your meta description helps sell the page. Using emotion-generating words like discover or amazing can help increase the click-through rate of your SERP. Think of your meta description as a form of text advertisement for your page that will draw traffic in and encourage organic clicks.
      In short, try to imagine your meta description as a brief text ad for selling your web page. Maintaining an advertiser’s perspective will help you increase clicks to your website from organic traffic. In addition, keep in mind that like anything you do on the web, consistent testing and adapting are always a part of generating effective meta descriptions as well.

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