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    5 Firefox Add-Ons to Boost Your Productivity


      I’ve largely done away with Safari and Internet Explorer, and though I’m starting to use Chrome a lot more (at any given moment, I’ll have both Chrome and Firefox open), Mozilla’s rich selection of add-ons keeps me loyal to Firefox.

      Here are five of my favorite Firefox add-ons that make for a much enhanced and productive experience…daily.

      Evernote Web Clipper

      It’s no secret that we love Evernote. Instead of bookmarking a web page and never being able to find it again, clip it to Evernote. The saved web page includes the page URL. The add-on lets you assign tags, rename notes, and more before the page is saved in your account.


      Okay, this is technically a bookmarklet. It works with many browsers including Firefox, but I had to include it since it’s a must have for blog and social media junkies. I use this several times a day. When you come across a news article or blog post of interest but don’t have the time to devour it, click on “read later” and the article is saved to your account which you can retrieve later on your mobile device or desktop. The images are stripped out leaving only text for a quick read.

      Awesome Screenshot

      Capture, edit and annotate a whole page or any portion of a webpage that’s on your computer screen. If you need images for blogging, social media posting and other writing projects, this is another must-have add-on. I use this almost daily.

      Morning Coffee

      We all have a bunch of websites that we visit daily. This add-on lets you organize websites by day and open them up simultaneously.

      Make your online routine even easier by designating sites to load each day.

      This is particularly useful for those blogs and websites that offer up useful content but are frustratingly missing an option to subscribe via an RSS feed.


      If you’re like me and learned just enough coding along the way to be somewhat useful (and mostly dangerous), the Firebug add-on is awesome. It puts a wealth of development tools at your fingertips allowing you to make a change on your website or blog and instantly see how it looks before digging into the code and making those changes.

      Keep in mind that too many Add-ons can slow down a browser, so choose wisely and keep your browser lean and fast.

      Do you have other favorite Firefox add-ons? Do share in the comment box below.

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