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    5 Legal Practice Management Software Integrations to Look For


      Legal Practice Management Software: 5 Time-Saving Integrations to Look For

      If managing legal matters sometimes makes you feel that you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off, it’s time to think about how to save time in your work day.

      One easy change you can make today is to integrate the software you use every day with your legal practice management software. While the right legal practice management platform can cover almost all of your firm’s daily needs, you’ll probably still rely on at least some other software tools, such as Office 365, your email, or your accounting software.

      So do yourself (and your schedule) a favor and look into these time-saving legal practice management software integrations.

      Document software and storage

      Let’s face it: the legal profession involves a lot of documents. Your law firm probably already uses document software like Office 365 to prepare your client’s legal documents. With the right software integrations in place, you can prep common legal documents more quickly while also keeping better track of all your matter files.

      When you integration your practice management and document tools, generating common legal documents can be done seconds—and you can even automatically populate document fields with information pulled from the client’s matter file.

      Once you’ve prepared those documents, you can save them directly to the corresponding matter and use your practice management platform’s document management features to make sure they’re always easy to find. It’s a great way to save time all around, and it comes with one other additional bonus: you can easily track the time you’ve spent on document prep while working from within your document software, or quickly add time entries for your documents as you upload them.

      Accounting software

      Even if you don’t run your law firm’s financials yourself, you likely contribute to it in some way, even if it’s just turning in expense reports or reviewing invoices.

      In short: integrating your accounting software with your practice management tools can save everyone time. When your legal practice management software integrates with your accounting software, you can sync important client and financial information, such as:

      • Invoices
      • Trust account debits and credits
      • Expenses
      • Payments

      Syncing this information keeps your accounting books up to date and keeps your financials transparent. It also cuts down on double data entry, reducing the likelihood of manual error. (And, all together, it means less time thinking about accounting and financials and more time for billable hours!)


      Lawyers use email every day to contact clients and communicate with each other about sensitive topics, so you’ll want an email integration that streamlines that experience as much as possible.

      When you sync your email with your legal practice management software, you can upload specific emails to the matter they correspond to. Add any billable time and attachments, so every important document or message related to that matter is all in one place. To increase your inbox organization, tag individual matters with the email they correspond to.

      And keep things confidential: email integrations allow you to only give access to certain people within your company to protect your client’s private information.

      Secure file sharing tools

      Speaking of confidentiality, lawyers operate under oath that they’ll protect their client’s information. It’s crucial to invest in secure file sharing. As a counselor, you must do everything in your power to protect attorney-client privilege and keep your client’s information private.

      Secure file-sharing tools benefit your firm as well. File sharing increases efficiency because you can access documents anytime, so you can work on them securely from any location. These document-sharing tools can transfer large documents without worrying about losing any data in the process.

      Legal practice management software integrations help you share files securely and utilize the information that’s already in your practice management software. You can use the file-sharing software you’ve already invested in, like Box, or you may find a legal practice management software that includes built-in access to robust file-sharing tools.

      Customer relationship management (CRM) software

      At the end of the day, people are the foundation of your law firm. You may be handling the matters, but what’s really important are the people behind them. Integrating with a law firm CRM (customer relationship management) software can improve your clients’ experience—and help you find and sign more qualified leads more quickly.

      A legal CRM can help your firm:

      • Automate your marketing campaigns to find more leads in less time
      • Respond to leads and clients more quickly with automated follow-ups
      • Streamline your intake process
      • Track and prioritize your most pressing client communications

      You may already have a CRM software that you and your clients love, or you might be looking to get started for the first time. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that any CRM you use can integrate with your practice management software. With the right integrations in place, you’ll be able to seamlessly import new clients’ information straight from your CRM into your practice management software, so you can easily transition from onboarding clients to managing their matters.

      Rocket Matter provides the integrations you need to manage your firm

      If you’re in need of a legal practice management solution that saves you time while using the software tools you already rely on, Rocket Matter can help. We offer a whole suite of robust integrations with other important legal software tools, including:

      • Office 365
      • Outlook and Google Calendar
      • QuickBooks Online
      • Document sharing software like Box and ImagineShare
      • Legal CRM software
      • And more

      Our award-winning, U.S.-based customer support team is also readily available if you need any help with implementation or experience any issues integrating your software.

      If you haven’t jumped on the Rocket Matter train yet, schedule a free demo with Rocket Matter today to see how we can help you establish truly frictionless, streamlined legal workflows. And if you are a Rocket Matter user and are interested in setting up any of the above integrations, just get in touch with one of our software experts—we’ll be happy to help you get started.

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