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    6 Ways to Tackle the Web like a Search Ninja


      Envision yourself a web ninja, a master of the art of the search, with the power to quickly navigate mankind’s digital resources with a few nimble clicks!

      We are here to tell you that the path to true search ninja-hood is obtainable.   Here are six ways to help you on your quest to reach your search targets quickly and efficiently, silently honing in on them with the speed and skill of a true search assassin.

      6 Ways To Work Some Search Ninja Magic:

      1.  A ninja approaches her target from different angles. Google’s front screen is well-known to all, but the ninja masters know where to go to fine-tune Google searches. Just go to the google products page, scroll down, and here you will find a gem called: “Specialized Search,” which offers 8 ways to filter through Google’s plethora of data:  Blog search, Patent Search, Finance, Alerts, Custom Search, Product Search, Scholar, and Trends.

      2.   A ninja knows how to set a “trap” and wait. A true master doesn’t just actively hunt her search targets, she lets her targets come to her!  Google Alert allows ninjas to search proactively! Let’s say there’s a topic of vital importance to a current work project–you can easily set up an alert based on all relevant key words. Go straight to the Google Alerts page and customize your alert. Decide how often you want to receive this alert and what email account/or rss feed it will be sent to and … voila! Your ability to stay on top of all the newest and hottest info out there will leave your friends and coworkers in awe.

      3.  A ninja goes to where her targets are. Lawyers on the hunt for legal information will see that FindLaw is a useful place to start some preliminary legal research.   This site actually breaks down your results into extremely helpful categories–whether you’re searching for recent cases, codes, definitions, top blogs, or legal counsel – FindLaw is a nice collection of resources all in one place.

      4.   A ninja observes, and studies her target’s behavior at all times. Ten by Ten is a site that produces a grid of 100 images/words trending in real-time at any given moment around the world. For those who utilize social media –this is a great place to find subject matter for a quick tweet or Facebook post!

      5. A ninja is creative, and avoids unnecessarily angering authorities. Need an image in a hurry without worrying over copyright issues? flickr’s Creative Commons has a collection of great images that are free to use and distribute under the Creative Commons license.   Flickr lets you search by “Tags Only” and also provides “Advanced Search” options.

      6.  A ninja listens to her expert advisors. When you’re in research mode and need reliable, historical data from experts, turn to INFOMINE. There the advanced search options are extensive and let you pin point the search field, subject category, record origin, access, and resource type.

      Another source for expert advice is LinkedIn’s ANSWERS. Answers is a way for LinkedIn members to ask and answer each others professional questions. In this open forum, members build up their “expertise” rating by being ranked for the answers they provide. Thus, providing a way for ninjas to better weigh credibility and usefulness of their fellow contributors. By using the “Advanced Answer Search” box you can specify key words and categories to find the answer most applicable to your current question.

      Have your own search methods and secret websites that you trust? Please share your comments and feedback below!

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