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    8 iPad Tips and Tricks


      Add the iPad Mini to our choice of devices in the Apple ecosystem. But really, how many screens does a person need? The Mac and iPhone are everyday staples, but our third screen, the iPad is gaining.

      Some are even ramping down to two primary screens, forsaking their computer for the iPad, a device that’s no longer limited to playing games, watching movies and browsing the internet.

      However you use it, here are 8 tips to help you get the most from your iPad.

      1. Punctuation shortcuts – Tap the spacebar twice to insert a period at the end of a sentence. Double click the Shift key for ALLCAPS. Quickly insert an apostrophe by flicking upward on the Exclamation Point key.

      2. Improved Web browsing experience – Ever wonder what the ‘Reader’ button in the Safari URL bar does when looking at a website on your iPad or iPhone? Click on it for an uncluttered, large-text, ad-free read.

      3. Split keyboard – If you’re holding the iPad with both hands and want to type, place two fingers on the keyboard and pull them apart. You can now easily type with your thumbs on the split keyboard. Pinch your figures together to revert to the full keyboard.

      4. Group similar apps into folders – Have screens and screens of apps? Reduce your scrolling to a couple of screens by creating folders. Like News, Social, Games, Travel, Tools, and Pics. To create a folder tap and hold on an app until they all start to jiggle, then drag the app icon into another app icon. A folder will be created with both apps and a default name based on an App Store category which you can rename.

      5. Search for apps and more – If you’re not enamored of folders, you can still find an app quickly by searching for it. Swipe the home screen to the right and enter the name of the app in the Spotlight Search box. You can also search emails, contacts, calendars, notes and more. Customize the search feature by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and restrict where it searches.

      6. Quickly access open apps – When you use an app, it remains open. Go to an open app quickly by double tapping on the Home button. A list of open apps will appear. While you’re at it, hold down on the app you no longer need until it begins to wiggle and close it out. Too many open apps can sap the battery.

      7. Locate text on page – On a Mac, you simply press the Command button and F key to search for text on a web page. On the iPad, click in the search box in the Safari browser and start typing. One of the options from the pull down menu that will appear is “On This Page”.

      8. Protect your data – Set up the feature that erases all data from your iPad if it gets stolen. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data. Now, if someone fails to enter the correct password after 10 tries, all data is wiped from the device. Of course this only works if you already had the passcode feature enabled.

      Other useful tips? Please share in the comments.

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