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    7 Unusual Activities To Jump Start Your Team’s Productivity!


      Almost all creativity involves purposeful play, noted psychologist, Abraham Maslow opined.

      Games improve communication, interpersonal relations, and productivity in any team. They can help you develop leadership skills and build self-confidence, enhance problem-solving strategies and boost creativity. Can your brain handle the fun? [The Big Book of Brain-Building]

      Here are a few fun and engaging ways to do just that:

      1. Yoga and/or Breathing Exercises

      Try Rocket Matter’s quick and easy Yoga Stretches for Busy Legal Professionals video! I’ve tried it…a few times. We even did it as a team. It works.

      2. Office Nerf Basketball Tournament

      Keep a basket behind the door and a ball handy. Winner-gets-free-drinks-rule is optional.

      3. Play with Office Pets.

      Dogs (and other pets) make employees more productive at work.  It starts with having a pet friendly office policy.

      Dogs in the office foster friendlier, more collaborative work environments. Employees surrounded by dogs also have a tendency to rally around their jobs.

      4. Share a Mate – Peace pipe style!

      According to this recent LifeHacker blog post it’s as good as drinking a salad!

      5. Do a 15 minute Language Learning Session!

      There are many options online! Byki is a Free Language-Learning Software that’s fun, OR check out the numerous Free Language Learning Podcasts available for download on iTunes!

      6. Practice Comic Relief

      Turn your YouTube video-watching time into a gather-around-and-share-a-good-laugh activity! Here’s a funny Bob Ross Tribute Video that we’re particularly fond of!

      7. Play with Toys!

      On the top of our adult toys playlist: LEGOS!

      All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and the company he works for a whole lot less productive)

      Go ahead, schedule some play time, or take a break when needed and do a yoga session and watch your productivity increase.

      Have other fun and unusual activities that jump start your productivity and creative process? Please share, we’d love to hear them.

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