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    9/11 Anniversary: The Important Lesson We'll Never Forget


      9/11 anniversary
      My husband and I lived in New York City sixteen years ago. He saw the second plane hit. We both saw the towers collapse. We will never forget even a minute of that horrific, surreal day.
      We will also never forget what happened in the city afterwards. While New Yorkers might be known for being tough and unfriendly, they really know how to come together when it matters most. In the days, weeks, and months after 9/11, people made eye contact with strangers. We talked to our neighbors. Thousands of people donated blood, volunteered at the Red Cross, and did whatever they could to help. We didn’t just hide in our apartments (though at times, we really wanted to do just that.) Somehow, we all knew we’d make it through and be stronger in the end because of this tragedy. And we were.
      On every anniversary of that unforgettable day, we mostly think about the many people we lost. We will never forget them.
      However, we also think about how New Yorkers showed the world that good will always win over evil. We think about the heroism of firefighters, police officers, emergency responders, and everyday people just looking to help. We will also never forget any of you. We will never forget that facing the worst somehow brings out the best in people. It certainly did sixteen years ago today.

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