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    A Comprehensive SEO Checklist


      The truth of the matter is that when it comes to maximizing your search engine optimization, or SEO, there’s only a finite amount of steps you can take. Some take a lot of work, others are easier.
      There’s no sense trying to come up with clever ways to game Google. Those who try to do that fail – ask anyone steamrolled by the Penguin or Panda releases.
      With SEO, KISS (keep it simple….Sammy). Follow these steps in our SEO checklist religiously and you’ll be doing alright:
      Conduct keyword research to determine most searched keywords with as little competition as possible.
      Build inbound links to your website with your desired keywords in your link text.
      Title of each page should be 70 characters long or less and include your target keyword.
      Each page should have a meta description 156 characters or less and include your target keyword.
      Target keyword should be included in H tags, image “alt” attributes, and occur naturally in your text for each page.
      Website URL structure shouldn’t be cryptic but should support readable keywords.
      Only list your website in directories that have not been banned by Google.
      Include both an HTML and XML site map.

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