A Twitter-only Mobile Device: Silly, But It Sends a Message.

by rocketmatter-admin November 3, 2009

Peek makes devices that focus on doing one thing and doing it well.  Their flagship products are mobile email device readers, and that’s all they do: email + text.  In other words, no browser, no apps, nothing fancy.  The interesting thing: people love ’em.

So when Peek announced a Twitter-only device, reviewers and consumers reacted in the same way:  what a colossally useless tool.  Who wants another device just for Twitter?

It may be useless as a productivity tool, but as a marketing tool I think it’s genius.  It probably took a very minor investment to outfit a Peek device with a Twitter client.  It creates a huge buzz as a silly device that only does one thing.  Peek gets play in the news because of the oddness of the device (and the concept) while reinforcing their core message:  they make devices that do one thing, and do it well.

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