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    Virtual Conference to Raise Money for Those Affected by COVID-19


      During this time of social isolation, we still have certain needs: We have a strong human urge and need to connect with other people. Also, most businesses must learn how to thrive in a completely remote environment. And we all want to help those most affected economically by COVID-19.

      It’s for these reasons that we at Rocket Matter are hosting Rocket Aid, a virtual legal conference on April 16th and 17th. Sponsors of Rocket Aid include Above the Law, Atticus, Dialpad, 3545 Consulting, and NetDocuments.

      Rocket Aid will stream live from 10am to 4pm EST each day. The content will cover cutting-edge topics such as running an online practice, ways to generate more revenue, and embracing modern tools that will help law firms adapt and thrive in a changing world. In addition to attending educational sessions, participants can network during face-to-face virtual “happy hours” and breakout sessions.

      Rocket Aid will charge a $25 registration fee which will be donated directly to United Way’s COVID-19 Fund, Pro Bono Net, and Feeding America, a charity network of more than 200 food banks. Register for Rocket Aid online here.

      Let’s Raise a Lot of Money

      Our goal is lofty: We want to get to 10,000 registrants so we can raise $250,000 for these charities. For that reason, we’re charging a small fee to register. And if you or anyone you know would be interested in a matching donation, email us at There’s certainly a lot of need out there, so let’s help as much as we can. Tell all of your friends!

      Let’s Socialize

      Yes, one of our objectives for this conference is to provide awesome content. However, one of our main priorities is to give people a massive online forum where they can see one another and connect (something that’s especially critical during this time of social distancing).

      Let’s Experiment With a New Medium

      We have a chance to really explore the relatively new medium of the online conference. So let’s have fun with it!  We’re going to experiment: We’ll try hour-long sessions, 30-minute sessions, 6-minute ones, and 3-minute ones. We’ll try different online tools for us to network in like or Icebreaker. We’ll totally push the limits of what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll share the information with bar associations and other groups that wish to try their hand at a virtual conference. Register here.

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