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    Another benefit of online legal practice management: Avoid worms!


      Recently a worm, a self-replicating mailicious computer program, has been infecting Windows computers worldwide.  An estimated 30% of all Windows machines has been stricken with what’s known as the Conficker or Downadup worm.

      These infected machines could have easily been protected had their security patches been applied in October.  But many people do not have adequate or dilligent security practices.  The New York Times reports:

      Earlier this week, security researchers at Qualys, a Silicon Valley security firm, estimated that about 30 percent of Windows-based computers attached to the Internet remain vulnerable to infection because they have not been updated with the patch, despite the fact that it was made available in October. The firm’s estimate is based on a survey of nine million Internet addresses.

      Security researchers said the success of Conficker was due in part to lax security practices by both companies and individuals, who frequently do not immediately install updates.

      So that’s another benefit of using legal SaaS or Software-as-a-Service.  Firms using online legal practice management outsource their server maintenance to the provider, who keep on top of the patches for them.

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