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    App of the Week: Able2Doc: Convert PDF to Word With Only 2 Taps


      Now that legal offices have made the transition to a paperless office, lawyers are taking it a step further and moving their paperless workflows to mobile devices.
      And with good reason! There’s virtually an app for any document task you can think of. Dealing with legal PDF documents? Researching case studies in PDF format? You’re in luck.
      For lawyers looking to re-access that PDF content, there’s Able2Doc PDF to Word Mobile. This mobile PDF to Doc converter was just released by, a company dedicated to developing PDF converter tools across the desktop, server and developer platforms. Now they’ve added the mobile platform to their line, offering Able2Doc PDF to Word for Android and iOS devices.
      This app can seamlessly integrate PDF conversion into your workflow with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Here’s a quick taste of what it can do.
      Automatic Conversion Convenience — Conversions are quick and simple. Locate the PDF and long press on it. Choose to open it with Able2Doc and the PDF to Word conversion starts instantly. You can then edit the resulting Word doc right on your mobile device.
      Easy Access File List — All converted files are stored in Able2Doc’s file sharing list. You can quickly access and interact with converted files from one single location. Open, share or delete your files whenever you want.
      Instantly Share Converted Files – Easily distribute converted files to opposing counsel, clients and colleagues through existing sharing services on your device. With a single tap on the Share button you can start uploading and emailing files to shared drives and contacts.
      Professional Conversion Results — No need to worry about quality. Your PDF files are professionally converted using the same conversion technology powering Investintech’s entire product line. The result? Professional looking conversion results in MS Word each time.
      Secure Conversion Process — Secured and confidential files are always treated as such. PDF documents are converted directly on the company’s servers and are deleted after 24 hours to keep your privacy and security in place.
      Navigating through and tracking down digitally stored information is already time consuming enough as it is. PDF conversion on a mobile device shouldn’t have to be.
      Able2Doc PDF to Word is available for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
      Reena Cruz writes for the blog, where she shares tips about PDF converter technology and software in general. As a tech-geek, she enjoys learning about new tech trends and sharing productivity tool tips online.

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