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    App of the Week: Analytiks Graphs Your Site Traffic


      As we compile more of our information online via websites, blogs and social media platforms, tracking what resonates, what doesn’t, and what our potential clients are looking for, is important.

      Google Analytics, the robust, free service from Google does the job, generating detailed statistics about the visitors to our sites.

      We’ve covered the handy $6.99 Analytics App that puts this useful information in the palm of your hand. Another great and less expensive option is the Analytiks App.

      The knock on Google Analytics is that it can be information overload for the average user with even the more experienced patron accessing only a fraction of its features.

      Analytiks solves this problem by showing you only the most relevant data.

      The fastest way to stats that matter, Analytiks mixes Google Analytics data for a one page stats experience everybody understands.

      Gorgeous, clean graphs offer a quick overview of the traffic on your blog or website, including:

      • Comparison of page views and unique visitors
      • Desktop vs. Mobile
      • PC vs. Mac
      • Visitors from Facebook and Twitter

      If you want to dig deeper, spring for the $7 Analytics App, but if you’re looking for basic metrics, Analytiks iPhone app is the way to go. And at $.99, it’s a hard price to beat.

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