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    App of the Week: Dashlane – The Do-It-All Password Manager


      It seems that the number of login usernames and passwords increases on a daily basis, and each website requires a different set of letters, numbers and symbols for their passwords. Unless you have an eidetic memory or don’t mind navigating the nightmarish “Forgot my password” progression, the question of using a password manager should not be “Should I?” but “Which one?”
      What separates Dashlane from other password managers, such as LastPass and 1Password, is the ease of organizing your passwords across the web, the variety of different features it offers, and its simple yet appealing interface. Oh, and it’s free.
      Dashlane’s main feature is its password storage, which safely holds all your login information in one secure place and allows you to use these to skip past any login page. Users can also avoid filling out any credit card, billing and shipping information, as Dashlane will do it for you in one click with its eWallet.
      How do you know if Dashlane itself is secure? It boasts an AES-256 encryption, and never records your encryption key. And if you’re worried about a website containing your personal information, you should probably just stop using the Internet.
      Dashlane is a great resource for anyone looking for a cheap, easy, and safe way to bypass the daily nuisance of recalling different passwords, assuming you can remember your Dashlane password.
      Still have questions? Check out the Dashlane Q&A from New York Time’s David Pogue, who proclaims, “Dashlane is life-changingly great. And free. Get it.”
      Available: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
      Cost: Free. $19.99/year for premium

      Author note: Props to Dean Meisel, Rocket Matter intern, who did the heavy lifting on this piece.
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