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    App of the Week: Get Your Coffee Quickly With the Starbucks Mobile App


      Take a break from the Black Friday rush or wake up from your Thanksgiving Day food coma with a steaming cup (or two) of coffee. I prefer the seasonal pumpkin spice latte myself, but regardless of how you like it, speed up the process with the mobile application from Starbucks.

      All company-operated Starbucks stores in the United States accept mobile payment. That’s more than 6,800 locations, in addition to more than 1,000 Target Starbucks locations!

      First you buys a Starbucks card – online or in the store and register it online to create an account. Login on your mobile device and you’re good to go.

      Among the benefits of the mobile app:

      • Earn and track your rewards — like how many drinks you need until you earn a free one.
      • View balance and reload
      • View transaction history
      • Find the nearest store with one click
      • And, of course, pay without cash or card

      You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts from within the app and share caffeinated delights with your friends. I passed on this feature as I’m less than thrilled about giving Facebook or other social networks even more access to my activities.

      Mobile payments are fast and more importantly, convenient. How many times have you forgotten cards at home? No more. It’s on your phone (which no one forgets at home) and ready to help you make purchases and earn rewards or redeem them.

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