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    App of the Week: Go Paperless and Organize Your Receipts With Shoeboxed


      As solos and small business owners, or employees on business trips and other activities, we’re inundated with important receipts. Even with the best intentions of organizing and recording these bits of paper, they’re usually piled up until the end of the month, or stuffed into a drawer until tax time rolls around.

      Shoeboxed app to the rescue. This terrific app offers two levels of service:

      1. A free DIY plan where you snap a picture of your receipt, enter a description and submit for processing. With a limit of only five documents a month, this plan will appeal to few. If you only have five receipts a month, then you probably don’t need this or any other service. However, this plan may come in handy for the business cards scanning and organizing that Shoeboxed also offers.

      2. Bespoke plans ranging from around $10-$50 a month where you can mail that bag of recepts at the end of the month (up to 500 receipts per month) in pre-paid envelopes. Shoeboxed then extracts, verifies and categories the data. Your very own personal assistant.

      You can then export your data to dozens of accounting and CRM services including Google, FreshBook, Evernote, Outlook and Salesforce.

      Go paperless and get organized with Shoeboxed.

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