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    App of the Week: JuryPad – Everything You Need to Select Your Jury


      Voir dire and jury selection. It’s fast-paced. It takes skill. Out of a rushing river, you try to grab the trophy-winning fish and toss back the small fry. Are you still fishing bare-handed?

      Not anymore! Now there is JuryPad.

      Lose your charts, sticky notes, papers, and pens. JuryPad puts jury selection at your fingertips on all generations of the iPad including the Mini. JuryPad frees to you to focus on the art of selecting of your jurors. JuryPad is user-friendly, flexible, and is designed to work the way you do in the courtroom.

      JuryPad was developed by lawyers for trial lawyers and their consultants to organize the jury selection process, to evaluate jurors, to conduct voir dire, and to manage information to choose a better jury.  Trial lawyers and consultants using JuryPad have a database of information about prospective jurors that they can share with other JuryPad users or members of their team. Here are some of JuryPad’s many features:

      • Automatically count each parties’ use of peremptory challenges and be warned when you are down to your last challenge.
      • For Batson motions, keep track of which party challenged which juror and those jurors who were challenged for cause.
      • Work from a jury list or a customized seating chart.
      • Easily identify jurors by name, gender, and race and other information.
      • Record your instincts by keeping track of jurors’ responses to voir dire and rating them for selection or challenge.
      • Click on a juror’s address and get a street-level look at their home and neighborhood.
      • Quickly view jury pool age, race, and gender demographics.
      • Sort jurors by number, name, and rating.
      • Search for any term.
      • Filter jurors by challenging party for Batson motions.

      While others fumble around with sticky notes and charts and “fish the ole’ fashioned way,” let JuryPad make jury analysis and selection simple and successful – just like shooting fish in a barrel.

      JuryPad is available on the App Store for $19.99 from Bench & Bar, LLC.

      Stephan Futeral, Esq. has been a trial lawyer for twenty years, the founder of Futeral & Nelson, LLC, the Chief Software Architect of JuryPad, and a managing member of Bench & Bar, LLC.

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