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    App of the Week: Legal and Copyright Small Business Toolkit


      Docstoc, provider of a wide selection of documents used to start, grow, and manage your professional life and small business, launched a robust selection of free apps with premium content earlier this month.

      One of the apps is the Legal and Copyright Small Business Toolkit which contains over 35 high quality video interviews with attorneys and executives about common legal issues that businesses face. You can also browse and download agreements and templates hand-written by lawyers.

      The app is available on the iPhone and iPad. After downloading the app, you’ll be presented with five chapters, each with a bunch of videos, forms and agreements.

      The Legal and Copyright Small Business Toolkit app has a treasure trove of information. But there’s more. Click on “more”, and you’ll find an integrated bookshelf feature via iBooks, which allows you to surf between DocStoc’s 30 free iPhone and iPad apps for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

      Videos and documents, many of which were previously available only with a subscription, include:

      • Employee Agreements
      • Business Structures: Corporation vs. LLC
      • Protecting Against Personal Liability
      • How to Manage Attorneys’ Fees and Service Agreements
      • Why and When Your Business Needs a Written Contract
      • What is Covered in an NDA
      • What is a trademark, copyright and patent?
      • When to sue, and how to prevent it
      • Tips to Prepare for Trial
      • Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Business

      A great way to watch or listen to the excellent videos is during those tedious minutes at the gym on the stationary bike, elliptical machine and treadmill.

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