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    App of the Week: Lookout – Mobile Malware Protection and Backup


      We’re, sadly, used to viruses that infect our computer and the multitude of software that tries to keep the bad bugs at bay. But as our computing habits shift to mobile, we need to be on the lookout (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) for malware making the same transition, especially on the more open Android devices. Yes, we should be concerned since our phones collect and store more information about us than any other device.
      Alleviate your concern by joining more than 40 million people and download Lookout App. Lookout protects your phone and other mobile devices from constantly evolving threats: malware, spyware, phishing and privacy issues.
      Lookout scans every app on your phone to make sure they’re safe, blocks malicious websites, and identifies which apps access your private info. For good measure the app also backs up your contacts and photos, and locates your lost phone.
      Available: iPhone, iPad, Android
      Cost: Free

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