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    App of the Week: Massachusetts Divorce App Calculates Alimony and Child Support


      While divorces are complicated, figuring out Child and Spousal Support obligations doesn’t have to be. Meet the Massachusetts Divorce App by Infinity Law Group LLC, an iPhone and iPad compatible one stop shop for Child and Spousal Support obligation calculations.
      A user-friendly interface allows users to input relevant dates, income, and expenses information to calculate appropriate weekly support obligations pursuant to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines and the provisions of March 2012’s Alimony Reform.
      Easily calculate the length of a marriage for purposes of establishing alimony duration or the length of an alimony or child support obligation to calculate lump sum payments using the date-to-date calculator. Instantly tell your client the absolute date on his or her divorce using the Divorce Nisi calculator.
      Not only does the Massachusetts Divorce App by Infinity Law Group LLC provide this information to you in a few taps of your touch screen, but the information can easily be shared with an opposing party or counsel via the app’s seamless integration with your email account, Dropbox account, or a wireless printer.
      Child Support Guidelines Worksheets are generated with the information you input and can be easily sent as an attachment. Spousal support calculations can similarly be easily and instantly forwarded. Simplify courthouse calculations and case file clutter with instant, electronic calculation and correspondence.
      Massachusetts Divorce App by Infinity Law Group LLC is available on the App Store for $0.99.
      Gabriel Cheong, Esq. has been a family law attorney in the Greater Boston Area for six years. He is the founder of Infinity Law Group LLC and the Cambridge Divorce Group, LLC, a new and unique firm offering family law services to those who are neither eligible for free legal services nor able to afford traditional legal services. (Twitter: @GabrielCheong)

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