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    App of the Week: MobiLit – Document Sharing and Projection From Your iPad


      Take control of your audience as you share documents and images to other iPads over a wireless connection, with MobiLit. Documents are streamed live to other iPad users that are viewing your presentation, allowing them to follow along with everything you display on your screen. Connect any iPad to a projector directly or wirelessly through AppleTV, and the presentation can be displayed on a large scale. MobiLit truly shines in any situation.
      MobiLit allows you to present documents and images live to other iPads over any wireless network, without the need for internet access. Simply import the documents that you wish to use onto the presenting iPad, make sure all other iPads are on the same network, and begin a presentation. The other iPads will instantly be able to join your presentation and see what you are displaying.
      MobiLit was created with the intent of making document sharing and projection a much easier, more streamlined process, reducing equipment clutter and paper waste. MobiLit allows you to import a large variety of documents, including all Microsoft and Apple office formats, as well as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BITMAP, and TXT formats. Documents are easily imported through DropBox, iTunes, or your e-mail and can be arranged into customized project and file folders.
      Additionally, MobiLit has numerous annotation tools to emphasize elements of your documents while presenting. Highlight, underline, and free-hand draw are available in a variety of colors, as well as the ability to do up to two zoomed call-outs on the document, which can also be annotated. The ability to juxtapose two documents side-by-side and annotate on each document is also available.
      This application was developed by us, as trial technologists, with the intent to serve other technologists, attorneys, and paralegals. The benefits of MobiLit transcend the courtroom, however, the application was developed with a legal utilization in mind. We wanted to create the ultimate trial presentation tool to make your job easier and more efficient. By having your trial content in your hand, and the ability to share it throughout the room wirelessly, you can now have full control of what the jury and court see, without the hassle of exhibit binders, document cameras, or a wired monitor setup. MobiLit is a fantastic tool for the courtroom, witness preparation, and even war room and boardroom meetings.
      MobiLit is available in the iPad App Store, or visit We have released a FREE MobiLit Viewer to the App Store that allows you or others to join presentations for free, but will not have the ability to import documents or give presentations.
      Available: iPad
      Cost: $9.99

      Alex Fruehsamer is a trial technologist in Sacramento, CA with Trial Tactics. He and company founder Will Price have provided trial technology services nationwide for numerous firms and attorneys. Stay up-to-date with MobiLit on Twitter @MobiLitApp.

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