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    App of the Week: Organize Your Lists With Priority Matrix


      We’ve all tried and discarded a bunch of mobile apps that promise to make our to-do lists and tasks a breeze. We’ve even paid for some with multiple features, including the ability to synch across devices including your desktop computer.

      But maybe that’s why so many of these apps fail — they try to do too much when all we need is a simple to-do list on our mobile device. Priority Matrix is that app. It visually organize your lists and priorities.

      Priority Matrix makes it insanely simple for you to plan your day, work and life — in a meaningful and constructive way.

      It has a beautiful, simple interface with the screen divided into four customizable quadrants, or lists that are expandable by simply dragging the lines around. I labeled mine do now, do later, shopping list and ideas. Cost is $1.99 and you can upgrade to unlimited lists for $2.99, but really, four is enough or else it becomes too unwieldy and unproductive. There’s also an iPad App for $3.99 and a much costlier desktop version that facilitates more of a task management functionality s. Skip that if you’re only looking for a flexible, simple to-do lists application.

      Features include:

      • Visual organization that’s customizable by colors & labels
      • Share your organized projects through in-app email
      • Drag-n-drop interaction for deletion, duplication, moving
      • Sort items alphabetically, by due date, or by completion percentage
      • Target date and progress tracking

      Of course to-do apps are only useful if you actually open the thing, so make it a habit. Put it on the front screen of your mobile device and make a habit of opening it in the morning like you would your Facebook or Twitter app. It’s worked for me.

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