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    App of the Week: Step Up Your Video Recording With Teleprompter Apps


      Video is an important component of both organic and inorganic search engine optimization. It is also a great way for potential clients to get a sense of who you are.

      For attorneys who are too busy to write a blog or who prefer to use video, recording quick vlogs can be a valuable way to increase your online presence. In addition, different people respond to different mediums, providing potential clients the opportunity to get to know you not only through your writing, but also through how you speak, increasing your opportunity to get those individuals to pick up the phone or send you an email.

      When you create a video for your website or social media presence, you want to keep it short and sweet. Some attorneys can just rattle off a recording that is one minute or less, but others need to prepare exactly what they are going to say. Memorizing the speech isn’t wise (too time consuming and mistake prone) or necessary, but nor should you take the time to create a labor intensive board with everything you plan on saying.

      The best way to make sure you have your speech right in front of you, and also to control the speed at which you speak is a teleprompter. Fortunately in these days of apps and tablets a true teleprompter is completely unnecessary. There are numerous teleprompter apps for both the iPad and Android tablets which can take simple text and convert it into easily readable moving text. The speed of the text can be changed, and the moving text can help those who speak too slowly or quickly keep to an appropriate pace. Add in a music or other kind of stand, put it right under the camera, and you will be sure to look in the right direction and at the right level throughout your talk.

      The best iPhone app is called Teleprompt+ and costs 14.99.
      The best Android app is Free Teleprompter.

      Jennifer Ellis is the Vice President and a consultant with Freedman Consulting, which assists law firms with a full range of issues, including such things as strategic planning, client development, project management, technology, and more, on the business side of the practice. She spends a substantial amount of time on issues involving social media, including law firm marketing and evidence collection and preservation. Previously, Jennifer served as Associate Director of Media Technologies with the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. Jennifer is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You may reach Jennifer at, Twitter and Facebook.

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