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    App of the Week: Support Your 2012 Fitness Goals with Active


      Yesterday, we discussed how lawyers could improve their law firm productivity and personal well-being by training for a triathlon or 5k, and the positive reaction told us we were on to something.

      So today, we’re going to stick with the fitness theme for today’s mobile app:

      Last year in my quest to keep in shape and stay disciplined, the app was a critical, invaluable asset. They publish new articles every day about different sports and feature lots of great advice.  Their regular website is great too:  check out their 5k and triathlon starter guides.

      Reading about the exploits of others and getting encouragement from veterans is key to achieving a major goal, so I found myself launching my app daily when I took Baxter (my circus-trick-performing Havanese) for his nightly walks.

      The service also has a list of upcoming races, complete with maps, contact information, and registration links. You can filter the events by various parameters (location, date, distance, etc.), so you can plan out your race season easily. is a great app to take a look at once or twice a day for that extra little push of inspiration that helps in getting you to the finish line.

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