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    App of the Week: TrialPad for the iPad


      What if you could win a $37.5 million verdict with just an iPad and a legal app? What if you didn’t have to haul around clunky foam boards, hire expensive trial consultants, or deal with an inconvenient desktop program?

      In today’s technologically-savvy environment, this is now possible with help from TrialPad for iPad. Don’t believe me? Alabama Attorney, Jamie Moncus III, of Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton is living proof!

      TrialPad is the leading trial presentation and legal file management app for your iPad. TrialPad allows you and your team to:

        • Annotate – Callout important sections of documents, or view documents side-by-side, and annotate with multi-colored highlighters, pens, and laser pointers. Also redact sections of a document, or use the whiteboard to draw your own sketches.

      • Present exhibits electronically – iPad 1 users just need a VGA cable and a projector screen or TV monitor, while iPad 2 or later users can use the VGA or HDMI cable, or experience wireless presentation using Apple TV and a projector screen or monitor.  TrialPad supports multiple file formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, Multi-Page TIF, TXT), as well as audio and video file formats!
      • Manage files and cases – Importing via Dropbox or WebDAV retains your documents’ file and folder structure. Think of it like an electronic file cabinet. You can also easily create, view, sort, rename, search, move, delete, rotate, scroll, email, and print all your documents and cases.
      • Import evidence and work seamlessly with Dropbox, WebDAV, email, iTunes, or from another app.
      • Integrate teamwork – Using TrialPad’s War Room Mode, you can display the iPad’s interface on your projector screen or monitor to share the document view with your trial team.
      • Support – Check out the free TrialPad iBook in the iBookstore, which contains video tutorials, or email

      Industry-leading bloggers and publications have featured TrialPad in numerous and 40 news publications, generating significant buzz (and purchases) in the legal industry.  And with 90% of the functionality as desktop software at 10% of the cost and a 1% learning curve, TrialPad is the perfect cost-effective solution to trials, mediations, and depositions.

      Ian O’Flaherty is the Chief Software Architect, Developer, and Managing Partner of Lit Software, LLC; President of Saurian Communications, Inc.; Managing Director of Saurian Litigation Support Limited (Ireland); and President of JuryNotes, Inc. Ian develops iPad apps for lawyers, including TrialPad for iPad. He can be reached at

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