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    App of the Week: You Don’t Have to Be in the Office to GoToMeeting


      We use the popular GoToMeeting application every day for our morning standup meetings. It allows us to video-chat and share our screen with co-workers across the country.

      We generally use the application on our desktop computers. But what about those times when we’re out of the office? No problem. We fire up the GoToMeeting mobile app.

      Quickly join a meeting by tapping the GoToMeeting app icon on your mobile device.

      View slide presentations, design mockups, spreadsheets, reports – whatever meeting presenters choose to share on-screen. And iPad users can even collaborate face to face!

      Subscriptions start at $50/month for the GoToMeeting application but you don’t need to purchase an account to attend GoToMeeting sessions.

      Available: iPhone, iPad, or Android devices

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