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    App of the Week: Zite, Your Personalized Reader On The Go


      Zite is a free personalized magazine that automatically learns what you like and gets smarter every time you use it. It evaluates millions of new stories every day, and uses patterns, categories and user activity to automatically aggregate personalized information to your iPad or iPhone.

      Zite delivers all the great news, articles, blogs, and videos you want – and helps you discover new stuff that you’ll love.

      Previously available only on the iPad, Zite recently debuted an iPhone app. The iPhone app design is simple and intuitive. To use it, choose from the list of news categories or search for one. I searched for and chose law, productivity, blogging, social media, and cloud-computing.

      Or you can integrate the app with your Google Reader, Twitter and Read It Later accounts. Zite makes it easy and tracks how you interact with the articles you read. I added my Google Reader account. Baby steps.

      Existing Zite users can login, and start browsing the categories they’ve already set up. New users can quickly sign-up and choose or search for news categories.

      From there, Zite learns from your activities, like the items you choose to read and giving a story a thumbs up or thumbs down, to get smarter as you use it. It gets to know you better over time, allowing it to fine tune the information delivered to you.

      I’ve only recently started using this terrific app and look forward to seeing how it tailors my news feed.

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