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    App of the Week: Duolingo- Learn a New Language


      The ability to speak multiple languages is a skill that is coveted by many busy professionals. For those who have been looking for language program that is efficient and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, look no further than Duolingo.
      Duolingo is a free app that allows users to learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and even English. The web version also has support for Dutch, with eight more languages on the way.
      The best part about learning a language with Duolingo is that it’s fun to the point of being addictive (you can even compete with friends!). The app leads you through exercises and activities to complete lessons which are a part of larger units. It keeps track of your progress and synchronizes across each device you use with Duolingo.
      You can start your language learning with the basics, or if you have prior knowledge you can take a short “placement test” to see what level you best fit in. Once you start you’ll learn your vocabulary in stages with each exercise growing progressively more complex.
      Each lesson is made up of 4 types of exercises: a translation exercise where you are required to translate from your native language to your target language or vice-versa; a listening exercise where you listen to a short phrase being spoken and you write what you hear; a matching exercise where you match new vocabulary words with a photo; and a speaking exercise where you have to read out loud a sentence in your target language.
      The app and program are both 100 percent free, no matter what platform you use. Duolingo is available for iOS and android and you can also visit for use on a computer. Try it out and you may find that this app outshines any other language course out there. Figo!
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