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    App of the Week: Lemon Wallet – A Better Option Than the Native iPhone Passbook


      I haven’t carried a traditional bulky wallet around in years; just a card holder and money clip, along with my iPhone, of course. But the barrage of credit and bank cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, and such, can turn the most timid card holders into a hulking menace.
      The vaunted native iPhone Passbook app should have solved this problem by storing all your cards digitally, but it’s disappointing. Don’t get me wrong: it’s useful – for storing your JetBlue boarding pass, AMC Stubs movie card, and a few others – but that’s it. Woefully lacking. You can’t put your driver’s license on there, or most loyalty and rewards cards.
      Lemon Wallet to the rescue. It’s the Passbook app that could. Lemon Wallet stores a digital copy of all your cards, encrypts your sensitive data, and adds a layer of security, requiring a PIN to access your information.
      Passbook on the iPhone has the right idea but it’s lacking. It’ll probably get better over time, like many Apple products, but in the meantime, use Lemon Wallet and leave your bulky leather wallet at home.
      Lemon Wallet is available for the iPhone Android devices. There’s a pro version for $4.99/month but for card storage and organization, you’ll only need the free version.
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