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    Atlas 2.0: Rocket Matter’s UI is Now Better Than Ever


      Rocket Matter announces Atlas 2.0, its revamped user interface that shows great improvements in design, speed, and elegance.  With this release, Rocket Matter pushes the envelope in UI sophistication for legal software, creating an offering unlike any other in the legal practice management software market. Atlas 2.0 also includes some major improvements to Rocket Matter Payments, making billing and collections easier than ever before.

      Here’s a breakdown of Rocket Matter’s exciting new features:

      • As part of Atlas 2.0, Rocket Matter Payments has now added payment plans and recurring billing. This is critical because while small law firms typically collect only 71% of what they bill, an effortless, automated billing system can dramatically increase cash collections.

                         Payment Plans is great for situations where clients cannot pay large bills but can pay in increments.  Attorneys simply keep their client’s credit card or ACH routing information on file, and the balance is automatically paid gradually over time.

                         Recurring Billing is a highly popular option for attorneys offering alternative fee arrangements, such as business attorneys who provide regular service for customers for the same fee each month.  After the initial setup, you don’t have to do a thing— your clients will automatically receive a bill each month.

      • Atlas 2.0 allows attorneys to apply multiple matter templates to any of their matters at any time. Whether your case has changed drastically or you just need to make incremental adjustments, you can now add and edit multiple matter templates on the fly.
      • Atlas 2.0 eliminates 80% of the page load time in Rocket Matter, thanks to its cutting-edge software architecture. Users can transition from billing screens to the matter dashboard to calendars instantly, making Rocket Matter a lightning-fast experience.
      • Atlas 2.0 allows Rocket Matter users to work more efficiently because they can view, add, and edit their information—such as billable time entry, calendar events, and tasks— without transitioning away from the page they’re currently on.




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