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    Modern UI and Major Speed Improvements in Rocket Matter’s Atlas 2.0 Release


      Time is money, and for a lawyer nothing is more aggravating than waiting for a page to load to get your work done.

      Well, the good news is that Atlas 2.0—Rocket Matter’s new UI— eliminates 80% of the page load time in the software, thanks to its new single-page architecture design and major database optimizations. In other words, attorneys and paralegals can transition from billing screens to matter dashboards to calendars instantly, making Rocket Matter a lightning-fast experience.

      In addition, Atlas 2.0 allows Rocket Matter users to add and edit more of their critical information without transitioning away from the page they’re currently on. This new feature allows you to work more efficiently because you can view or add the information you need—such as billable time entry, calendar events, and tasks—without leaving the screen you’re working on.

      “It’s important to us at Rocket Matter to always provide our users the best possible user interface we can,” says Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter.  “As newer UI technologies and design standards emerge, we evaluate them to see if they’ll make life easier for our clients. Part of a great UI is not just a smooth interaction and a pretty design, but also speed. So we’re constantly optimizing our databases and code as well to provide the best performance we can.”

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