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    Attorneys and Virtual Assistants; a Match made in Cyberspace


      Guest post by Tina Hilton; owner/virtual assistant; Clerical Advantage

      So you’ve been hearing the words Virtual Assistant pop up just about everywhere lately? Not surprising, because although the virtual assistant industry has been around for awhile, in our current economy using a virtual assistant is becoming a wise economical decision. For lawyers, especially solo practitioners and small law firms, a virtual assistant is the perfect choice. You get an experienced professional with no need for additional office space, office equipment or other costs associated with hiring an on-site employee. Internet technology has made working remotely not only possible, but practical.

      Since a virtual assistant usually has a specialty niche, you can easily find those that have legal experience and training. You can search the Internet through a search engine using the terms ‘legal virtual assistant’ or go to one of the websites for VA’s like the Virtual Assistant Forums or VANA. You’ll find a wealth of highly capable professionals to choose from.

      The internet based collaboration product that Rocket Matter offers is the perfect tool for an attorney/virtual assistant situation, allowing access from any computer with an Internet connection, anywhere. Rocket Matter becomes your ‘office’ where you and your virtual assistant ‘meet’, collaborate and share information. And it also offers the tight security measures that an attorney’s confidential documents require, so a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be concerned with the added responsibility of high security storage of files.

      If all of this talk of virtual assistance has you curious and wanting to know more, I’ve written several articles on the industry over at the Home Office Warrior; Home Office Virtual Assistant, including my recent 4 part series on finding and working with a VA. Contracting with a virtual assistant could be your administrative answer to gaining more billable hours.

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