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    Benefits of Legal SaaS Touted by Practicing Attorney


      Last week saw a lot of dialog about Software-as-a-Service and Web-based legal practice management on message boards and blog postings.

      One post in particular that I would like to point out was a guest post on Home Office Lawyer by Christopher McKinney. A lawyer specializing in employment discrimination and personal injury law, McKinney discussed the additional security and benefits of Software as a Service in a legal setting. Chris writes two legal blogs of his own: The San Antonio Injury Law Blog and The HR Lawyer’s Blog. A brief excerpt:

      Having made the shift myself, I now believe that it is a better way of doing things both from an efficiency and a data security standpoint. I now think that being tied to any particular computer b/c it has all of my software and data stored on its C drive would be far riskier than having your data securely stored in multiple “cloud” locations. Carrying your data around in a laptop that can be stolen is, to my way of thinking, a much greater risk.

      Thanks for the guest post Chris, and thanks to Grant at Home Office Lawyer for hosting the discussion!

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