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    The Best of CES 2018: What Crazy Cool Tech is on the Horizon


      CES 2018
      It’s that time of year! Thousands of people from across the globe flocked to Las Vegas last week for the largest consumer tech conference around: CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show. While the blackout at the convention center where the conference was being held was certainly newsworthy, there is so much more to report regarding the tech coming out of the event. From robotic dogs and TVs that take up entire walls to virtual reality headsets and cool new gaming hardware, the show seems to have a little bit of something for everyone.
      Unfortunately, we at Rocket Matter are too busy working on tech of our own—awesome practice management software for lawyers—so we couldn’t attend CES (though we’d love to, of course!) Luckily, plenty of other technophiles made it to Vegas and have plenty to report.
      Here are the best roundups we found:
      Time includes the ten coolest gadgets from the conference. We’ve got to admit that the L’Oréal’s UV Sense which helps track your UV exposure is very interesting, while the Philips SmartSleep headband that supposedly helps improve sleep sounds intriguing. But we really love My Special Aflac Duck, an adorable interactive toy that helps provide comfort to children with cancer.
      CNET also delves into the best of the conference. It says that while last year’s CES was all about Alexa, this year “Google came to fight back.” They report, “Its Google Assistant will be built-in or compatible with a wide range of 2018 products (including LG TVs, Schlage smart locks, Hunter ceiling fans), and it debuted the Google Smart Display — basically an Echo Show for the Google smart home ecosystem.” In other words, everything will be smart in our homes—even mirrors!
      TVs were also center of attention, with Samsung’s 146-inch display known as “The Wall” a major standout. Gamers can also enjoy larger screens.  As CNET reports,”Nvidia BFGD monitor is 65 inches of 4K HDR gaming glory. But what really got us at Rocket Matter most excited was Sony’s updated Aibo robotic dog. We want to fly to Japan (the only place it’s available) and get one as an office pet!
      Wired sorted through the hundreds of vendors at CES and came up with their tops picks. A few standouts: Lego’s Boost kit “lets kids program their creations to walk, roll, flash, and make noise via an app that uses a drag and drop coding language.”  The Neonode AirBar “attaches to the base of a 13-inch MacBook Air, emits an invisible light field over the screen, turning your laptop into a giant touchscreen.”
      Meanwhile, Gizmodo calls out Acer’s Swift 7, the “thinnest laptop in the world.” And it turns out that having to constantly replace batteries might someday be a thing of the past—Ossia’s AA battery sucks power out of the air.
      Lastly, cars were certainly a centerpiece of this year’s CES (surprise, surprise!) Entrepreneur reports on the “coolest cars and concept vehicles.” Check out their slide show.
      But as much as we think self-driving cars are cool, we’re still really excited about the robotic dog. Seriously. It’s that cute.

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