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    Wednesday Wisdom: Billing Versatility-Using Rocket Matter to Improve Your Firm’s Phone Intake


      Rocket Matter is designed to give you the utmost in billing versatility. This week, we will highlight how you can maximize your existing phone intake procedures and capture even more time by billing directly  from our messaging feature.

      Suppose you get a phone call from a client during the morning and need to relay that message to the appropriate employee. To get you started, here are 3 easy to follow steps:

      * Take a message. Begin by clicking the phone receiver at the top center of your user dashboard. Fill out the call details on the messaging window. You will notice that Rocket Matter will populate the who field and the matter field, based on your firm’s existing information. Any message can be directly linked to the appropriate user and matter in this way.

      * The message will now show in the dashboard of the selected user. That individual can now click on messages to view it in their inbox.  Clicking on the subject line at the top of the message will fully open the message screen.  This will display the subject, matter, name and notes regarding the call.

      * To capture time directly from the message and add it to the matter’s ongoing billing, simply click the green timer to the left, or manually enter the billable units in tenths of an hour, in the window to the right of the timer.

      Now you are ready to take the message, view the details, and capture time directly from it. No need to open the matter seperately.

      Sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial of Rocket Matter and start increasing your productivity today!

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