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    Business Development Webinar: How To Locate and Hire A Legal Virtual Assistant


      Date: Thursday, Aug 20, 2009
      Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
      FREE Webinar! Space is limited! Click here for more information and to register.

      Join Master VA Andrea Cannavina (@LegalTypist on Twitter) and Alberta’s own
      popular Laurie Mapp (@HaloSecretarial on Twitter), as they present real-life examples,
      practical considerations and the pros and cons of locating, working with and
      managing the virtual legal assistant relationship.

      This session will specifically cover:
      * What a virtual legal assistant is, and more importantly, is not.
      * Which tasks, duties and processes are most easily outsourced.
      * In-house, in-country or offshore – does it really matter?
      * Confidentiality and security.
      * The right technology for the job.

      About The Presenters:

      Andrea Cannavina, Master Virtual Assistant
      As the founder of LegalTypist, Inc., Andrea is a seasoned legal VA who has
      been helping attorneys upgrade to digital and use the power of the Internet
      and virtual legal assistance for 8 years. Supporting law firm clients across
      the US, Andrea doesn’t just suggest ways that could help – she gives real
      life examples of the tech and systems you can put into use with a virtual
      legal assistant to literally get the work done. Having incorporated her VA
      practice into firms of 1-100, Andrea doesn’t just give lip service – she has
      practical, day to day working knowledge of what a firm can accomplish with
      the right VA.

      Laurie Mapp, Virtual Legal Assistant
      As the founder Halo Secretarial Services, an Alberta-based Virtual
      Assistant practice which caters to attorneys in both the US and Canada,
      Laurie has unique insights into setting up and maintaining virtual

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