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    Three Reasons Why You Need to Use Call Tracking in Your Marketing


      Want a simple way to figure out where your leads are coming from? Try call tracking. Call tracking software allows you to create specific and individualized telephone numbers so that you can track and evaluate your different campaigns.
      Here are just a few reasons why call tracking should be added to your digital marketing along with standard web analytics.
      Cover All Your Bases
      Despite today’s techno-centric population, there are still customers that would prefer to speak to a human being. Even with a spectacular form on your website or landing page, not every customer will want to fill it out. Some still prefer the instant gratification of speaking with someone over the phone versus having their submission get lost in the black hole that is the interwebs.
      By adding call tracking to your marketing, you are now covering all your bases and making sure that every lead is accounted for. This information will give you valuable insight as to what working and what is not.
      Make Sure Calls Get to the Right People
      Call tracking can route calls to the appropriate people. For example, if your company has multiple departments but only one main telephone number, call tracking can send calls directly to specific agents to handle leads as they come in.
      Automated systems do nothing but agitate people, and in some cases can negatively impact your customer satisfaction rating. Routing phone calls directly to their specific department is crucial to making customers happy, which is always a plus.
      Maximize Your Budget
      By comparing lead generation using call tracking, businesses can see which keywords/landing pages/ppc ads perform better. With this precise lead generation data, you can efficiently maximize your budget to shift money towards better performing initiatives and increase their return on investment.
      You can also couple call tracking with your PPC campaigns, which can be extremely valuable if your customers use mobile devices. If you place your number in an ad, customers can click to call directly and you’ll only be charged the price of an ad click. There are no other charges. Hoorah!
      Call tracking services don’t cost an arm and a leg, either. Some services, like Plivo will charge as little as $.80 per month for numbers. The benefits outweigh the cost. You’ll be able to optimize your efforts and gather more leads once you know what’s working.

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