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    Case Study: Anderholt Whittaker LLP Attorneys Work From Anywhere With Rocket Matter


      Anderholt Whittaker LLP is a full-service law firm offering a broad range of practice areas for individuals, businesses and corporations.

      The firm consists of five attorneys and two paralegals, all of whom use Rocket Matter.

      Anderholt Whittaker LLP has been with Rocket Matter since its inception after John beta tested the product and reported back to the firm.

      Looking for a cloud based solution

      Rocket Matter’s quick and intuitive time-entry, calendaring, and other features made the program an easy sell to the rest of the firm. “We use both calendar and tasks,” says John. “They’re straightforward and work well together, especially in the dashboard view where you can see your schedule and tasks at a glance.”

      After moving the firm to Macs, John faced one hiccup after another while searching for compatible programs to handle attorney timekeeping, calendaring, and client management.  They tried a few native Mac programs, none of which were useful, then discovered Rocket Matter. “With Rocket Matter’s cloud-based program, our firm doesn’t have to pay an IT guy to come in once a week or buy and install software updates”, says John.

      Capturing time is a breeze, and with expert help for the Rocket Matter team we were able to master the process of generating invoices efficiently.

      Over the years, Rocket Matter has significantly developed the custom invoicing feature to allow attorneys to create professional looking invoices on the fly that are unique to their firm.

      Detailed reporting that’s quick and easy

      At the time the firm made the switch to Rocket Matter, John thought that they had given up the ability to run certain types of reports. “The time keeping programs we were using before were stored locally and took up a ton of computer memory with databases housed on a server that would get corrupted.”

      To his surprise, John didn’t have to forego the detailed reporting capabilities he was accustomed  to.  With Rocket Matter, he can generate detailed firm and matter level reports with a couple clicks of the mouse. Some of the reports that he can access within seconds include what users billed, what the firm is owed, what the firm has been paid, a lists of billable activities with details.

      I like Rocket Matter because it is streamlined and simple, yet they’ve done a good job of adding useful features without making the experience too complex or the product bloated.

      Ability to work from anywhere

      John’s firm offers their lawyers a flexible work schedule.

      Our attorneys and staff may work from home, and Rocket Matter provides the flexibility to work from anywhere.

      One of John’s favorite recent addition to Rocket Matter is the ability to sync all calendars throughout the firm with Google Calendar, particular since the firm uses Google Apps for Business.

      “Rocket Matter’s calendaring feature has become increasing robust over the years, and now with the synching capacity, it’s become one of my favorite features,” says John. “This feature comes in handy when working from different locations so that we’re all on the same page.”

      Rocket Matter saves me time by not having to switch between a bunch of programs. I can keep track of my time, calendar entries and tasks and easy billing and invoicing with one program.

      And John and his firm, whether working from home or the office, no longer worry about IT issues.

      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and experience the flexibility and convenience like Anderholt Whittaker LLP did.

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