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    Case Study: Cabrera Firm Provides Big Law Service with Rocket Matter


      Gil Cabrera is an attorney in San Diego, California. His practice, The Cabrera Firm, specializes in business litigation, securities litigation, intellectual property, and employment law.

      Having spent the initial years of his career in Big Law, he adopted the high standards of performance and work quality often associated with large firms.   When he opened his own practice, he was determined to provide the same level of outstanding legal service but at a lower cost.

      He quickly discovered that providing knowledgeable, personalized legal service was the easy part of branching out.   However, replicating the “look-and-feel” of Big Law service while also successfully handling the daily tasks associated with running a law firm – without big firm overhead – was a much tougher challenge.

      With Rocket Matter, “The speed with which I run a bill is ridiculous.”

      Gil needed a reliable, web-accessible application that provided big firm technology conveniences at small firm price.

      Quick Access To Key Data

      With multiple complex matters pending, it’s critically important to have immediate, convenient access to client information.    In addition to being able to rapidly review pleadings, contracts, and other documents, understanding current cost and billing information can also be very important to clients – and to his Firm.

      With Rocket Matter, Gil can instantly give his clients an accurate picture of how much time is invested in a particular matter, including unbilled time.   “I’ve always liked the ability to just pull up a pre-bill wherever I am.” Rocket Mater is web-based, so he can provide that information from wherever he has internet access.

      Immediate time and cost data can be particularly important in resolving contingency cases.  Oftentimes settlement talks evolve rapidly, and fast access to precise cost and time information greatly facilitates the ability to  work the specific details of a settlement right away, taking advantage of momentum and striking while the iron is hot.

      Gil tried other time-and-billing solutions. but they proved inconvenient, expensive, required upgrades, and generated invoices in unattractive formats. Rocket Matter offers the ability to retrieve information fast and presents it in a format that mirrors the style used by far more expensive, larger firms.   “I’ve still got that big firm snobbery on what things should look like … a client invoice should look like law firm invoice.”

      Rocket Matter also provides Gil, at no additional fee, peace of mind that comes with knowing his important data is continually backed up and stored in a remote, secure environment.   “I don’t have backup concerns, and that’s one of the built-in reasons why cloud computing is so nice.”

      Bills Always Go Out On Time

      In addition to the client-related benefits, using Rocket Matter also helps Gil successfully conquer a key nemesis of most boutique firms – timely billing.

      He uses Rocket Matter’s billing functionality religiously, relying heavily upon trust accounting and invoicing.  He finds that the application greatly facilities the complexities of accurate trust fund accounting while also streamlining the entire client billing process.

      With Rocket Matter, “The speed with which I run a bill is ridiculous.”

      Recent upgrades to Rocket Matter’s trust accounting functionality make the recordation process simpler and more intuitive, while maintaing “to-the-penny” precision accuracy.  In commenting on the recent design upgrades, Gil added: “Adding payments to the front page was glorious.”

      Overall, Rocket Matter dramatically reduces the time it takes to get bills out on time.  With it, “billing all my clients each month usually takes me about a half-hour.”

      Reminders Ensure Accuracy

      Gil also appreciates how Rocket Matter conveniently reports how many hours he’s billed for the day, right on his dashboard, which he uses a simple reminder. “It makes me think – have I put everything in?”

      Overall, Rocket Matter helps Gil get bills out on time while continually delivering great, cost-effective representation to his clients – without any of the “Big Law” overhead.

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