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    Case Study: Joseph Booth Uses Rocket Matter to Manage His Family Law Practice


      Joseph W. Booth runs a Kansas-based family law solo practice specializing in divorce custodies, appeals, and surrogacy.

      Joe is on the Super Lawyers list, teaches at a law school, authors chapters in legal treatises and other publications and presents at CLE events across the United States.

      He also uses Rocket Matter to manage his highly efficient law firm.

      Rocket Matter increases efficiency and saves money

      Joe decided to move away from network systems for time and billing and the dedicated servers and fees that go along with them and move to a cloud based system. After testing out a few, he chose Rocket Matter.

      It’s incredibly cost effective. I spend much less on my Rocket Matter bill than I would if I had a server system with licensing fees.

      The switch to Rocket Matter was seamless. “Moving to Rocket Matter from another system was really easy,” says Joe, “It wasn’t complex and we transitioned fully in less than a week.”

      Rocket Matter creates big firm functionality for time entry and billing with small firm efficiency.

      One of the benefits of Rocket Matter is decreased technology infrastructure and maintenance costs, and improved return on investment for information technology expenses. Says Joe, “Rocket Matter eliminated the need for network systems and having to deal with time consuming and expensive server problems.”

      Billing on the go

      Joe uses Rocket Matter for a variety of functions, but for him, the billing feature is a standout.

      Consistently entering time and expenses is a critical but sloppy effort by attorneys. Rocket Matter allows me to do it in a timely manner, on the fly, increasing efficiency, productivity and billings. It’s a key reason for using the software.

      Rocket Matter makes it seamless to bill time while you go about your usual activities – meetings, projects tasks, and more – are captured via a Bill as you Work™ technology.  The recent integration with time tracking tool Chrometa, automates time capture and saves even more time.

      Client info at a glance

      Says Joe, “Another thing I really appreciate about Rocket Matter is that when you pull up the client screen, you get an instant snapshot of their contact information, communications and billing.”  This capability comes in handy when a client calls, as users can quickly pull up related information in Rocket Matter.

      I like to include notes with my billings statements. Rocket Matter allows me to easily do that.

      Also available in the dashboard are tasks, upcoming events, trust accounting information, documents, notes, and invoices.

      Running a practice on the iPad

      Joe is moving quickly from his current desktop to the iPad as the primary way to run the office. “When I go to court I bring my iPad and any paper exhibits I need while others are showing up with 2 bankers’ boxes”, says Joe.

      Joe uses his iPad, and its excellent voice recognition, to dictate billing entries and notes into Rocket Matter, saving even more time.

      In addition, Joe employs productivity tools such as Evernote, the popular cloud-based note taking app, and Dropbox, the widely adopted internet file sharing and document backup service. Rocket Matter integrates with both tools. Users can associate matters with Dropbox folders, allowing them to view documents associated with a given client case and firms can access Evernote notebooks similarly.

      Adds Joe:

      In today’s world, I can’t imagine not using a practice management application like Rocket Matter to manage a law office. It’s a necessity.

      Joe not only recommends cloud based law practice management solutions like Rocket Matter to other attorneys, but also to the law school students he teaches.

      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and make your law firm as productive and streamlined as Joseph W. Booth.

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