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    Case Study: Kenneth A. Hindman Uses Rocket Matter to Manage His Solo Practice


      Kenneth Hindman handles cases from other lawyers. Cases that got messed up.

      Ken, whose office is located in Decatur, Georgia, helps clients with Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Appeals, and Commercial Property Insurance matters. Ken also writes for LexisNexis; he authored two chapters in the new Georgia Civil Procedure Procedure Guide. Ken’s passion for writing extends to writing articles for the State Bar’s Appellate Review.

      Ken became a solo practitioner after serving eight years as a legal services lawyer, 15 years at a big firm, of which 10 were as partner. He also worked for two small firms. Realizing that people hire people rather than law firms, he left big law to form his own practice three years ago.

      And using Rocket Matter helped solve his problem of accurately keeping time, billing and invoicing clients online.

      Mac-like speed and efficiency

      One thing Ken particularly enjoys about Rocket Matter is the lightning speed with which you can find and relate information to your matters. After trying a few less than satisfactory software programs, Rocket Matter was recommended to Ken, with the advice that it’s a program favored by people who use Macs.

      There seems to be affinity between Rocket Matter users and Mac users.

      “My last law firm was very sophisticated,” Ken adds. “They used Macs. Rocket Matter was a natural fit.”

      Instant time keeping

      Ken learned a long time ago that prompt entering of time is essential. So he gave Rocket Matter a try, and his major problem, accurate time keeping, went away.

      Ken is not atypical in this regard: many attorneys don’t keep accurate time sheets, resulting in issues with clients or reduced cash flow. To solve this problem, Ken leveraged Rocket Matter’s Bill as you Work™ technology, eliminating the problem of losing track of precious billable time or expenses. Rocket Matter makes it seamless to bill time while you go about typical attorney activities.

      Rocket Matter enables me to quickly capture and track my time.

      Adds Ken, “All of my clients get their bills electronically, and Rocket Matter allows me to quickly create and issue an invoice”.

      Great customer service

      Software is one thing, and in addition to the improvements in Ken’s time and billing capabilities, he appreciates Rocket Matter’s exceptional customer service.

      Your customer service and support team is as nice as anyone I’ve dealt with. They’re nice and precise!

      Still exploring

      Ken is happy leveraging Rocket Matter’s streamlined time and billing functionality, but is aware of additional popular features that could help his practice, including Skype, Dropbox and Evernote integration, Trust Accounting, Document Assembly and Custom Fields.

      “In addition to the core functions, I’m aware of the many other useful features that Rocket Matter offers, and look forward to implementing them,” says Ken.

      If you want anyone to endorse Rocket Matter, tell them to call me.

      Get your billing game up to speed like Ken! Rocket Matter demos are now available online 5 days per week! Click here to select a time convenient for you .

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