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    Case Study: Ricardo, Wasylik, and Kaniuk Choose Rocket Matter


      One of our customers, Ricardo, Wasylik, and Kaniuk, recently appeared in as a Rocket Matter case study. Here’s a little snippet:

      Before Rocket Matter, a lot of what we did was patch together disparate systems to implement online practice management. We attempted to patch together different applications and try to piece together functionality, only to discover that they end up creating more headaches than they had at the start. Our newly merged firm needed a single offering that satisfied all of our needs and that was also affordable, secure, and compatible with having attorneys dispersed among remote locations.

      It’s clear Rocket Matter was designed to support alternative fee arrangements along with more traditional hourly invoicing. In addition, Rocket Matter’s trust accounting features allow us to carefully segregate and track all client funds regardless of the billing method selected to help satisfy the firm’s compliance with Florida ethical guidelines.

      Click here to read Online Practice Management with Rocket Matter.

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