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    Case Study: Rocket Matter Increases Mobility and Saves Time For Krasa Law


      Kyle Krasa, a solo practitioner, is the founder of KRASA LAW located in Pacific Grove, CA. The one-attorney, three-person firm specializes in Trust, Estate Planning, Probate, Asset Protection, and Elder Law.

      As a graduate of U.C. Davis School of Law, Kyle first practiced law in Salinas Valleyand Monterey working on Estate Plans for farmers and ranchers. After spending several years as an associate attorney, Kyle decided to venture off on his own to open KRASA LAW.

      Cloud-based software with predictable costs and automatic updates

      While deciding between cloud-based and locally installed practice management systems, a main factor in Kyle’s search was the ability to access his firm’s data from any location. “I wanted a web-based program. I preferred the idea of a site with a monthly fee that was always updated as opposed to paying a large up-front cost for fixed software that would go out-of-date in a few years,” says Kyle. “I also liked the fact that the program and billing could be accessed from anywhere. I can always be in touch with my firm, my contacts, my notes, my documents, and my billing no matter where in the world I am.”

      Access on the Go

      When he’s not in the office, Kyle enjoys the luxury of utilizing Rocket Matter’s iPhone app and iPad edition to manage his day-to-day activities. “I use a PC at work but I use my iPad and iPhone out of the office. I find it very useful to access my work contacts remotely without having to store all that info on my cell phone,” says Kyle. “It also makes it much easier for me to work from home or to work while on vacation. If I go away and don’t get around to do the billing, I know that I can do it from anywhere. That’s really a life-saver.”

      Top features and Integrations

      More than just being able to access his data from anywhere, Rocket Matter also provides an online solution for contact management, keeping track of calendar events and the use of Bill as you Work™ features such as phone messaging and tasks. “I really like the tasking feature – it gives me an electronic “to-do” list that I can access from anywhere. It’s also a great way to delegate tasks among the staff,” says Kyle.

      With numerous integrations to third-party applications such as Dropbox, Outlook and Google Calendar, Rocket Matter provides tools for Kyle to organize additional data related to his matters. Rocket Matter’s integration with Dropbox allows him to sync his client’s files directly to the documents section of their matters.

      “We link all of our client matters through Dropbox,” says Kyle. “I was very happy when the Dropbox integration was introduced. It made linking up and accessing files such a snap!”

      Intuitive billing and easy invoicing

      While manually adding billable entries and processing invoices typically take hours, Kyle found that billing with Rocket Matter was smooth, intuitive and fast.

      Kyle explains, “I spend relatively little time on billing which always seems to be a big issue with most firms. We all enter our time utilizing the timer feature as we go. Reviewing and editing the bills is a snap.”

      Kyle also appreciates the flexibility of editing invoice templates and correcting billable entries that were mistakenly invoiced. “I like that they can be produced in Word format for further editing. I like how my logo comes out on the bills. I also very much like the fact that a final bill is so easy to reverse. I recall from other programs that once a bill went into final form, it was so hard to undo. Thankfully, Rocket Matter makes it very easy.“

      “Also, the customer service is terrific,” exclaims Kyle. Rocket Matter ‘s recent Bronze Stevie® Award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year confirms its dedication to providing excellent service.

      Since adopting Rocket Matter to manage his law firm, long time user, Kyle Krasa has experienced increased mobility and convenience. He heralds its ease of use, flexibility, and time saving functionality. “I highly recommend Rocket Matter,” says Kyle. “I can’t imagine practicing without it!”

      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and see how you can increase your firm’s mobility and be more efficient like KRASA LAW.

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