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    Case Study: Rocket Matter Streamlines Operations, Increases Mobility For Law Offices of Robert Terenzio


      Robert T. Terenzio is the founder of The Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio. The two-attorney, five-person firm focuses its practice on reproductive law, providing compassionate, personalized and affordable legal services for Intended Parents, Egg Donors and Surrogates using In Vitro Fertilization, also known as IVF

      “Our practice is limited to reproductive law so we can apply our real world experiences in the field to your parenting and lifestyle choices,” says Robert.

      The firm understands the desire to have a family and help individuals and couples navigate the legal, medical and social issues associated with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

      Moving to a cloud-based system to streamline operations

      To increase efficiency, Robert began exploring ways to streamline the many programs the firm was using into one robust law practice management system.

      “We wanted to move from the traditional hard copy ‘lawyer way’ of doing things to a virtual, mostly paperless office. After diligent research, we were excited to find Rocket Matter, the online cloud-based system. It was just want we needed,” Robert explained.

      “We looked at your main competitors as well but nothing seemed to fit our needs as well as Rocket Matter,” Robert added. The firm chose Rocket Matter, the cloud-based law practice management system, which allowed them to manage their legal billing, invoicing, calendar, tasks and calendaring online without buying hardware or installing software.

      A mobile system for a mobile practice

      With remote offices and personnel, and with Robert on the road, mobility was important to the firm. “With the practice being mobile, we needed a more efficient way of putting our hands on all the data and documents for each individual client,” Robert explained.

      “We love the new iPhone app!”

      When working away from the office, members of the firm would access Rocket Matter via a browser, but with the new native legal iPhone app, they can now capture time and expenses, check bills and invoices, track tasks and calendar appointments, and manage contacts.

      “We love that Rocket Matter is so ‘Apple Savvy’ and that we can handle client business and communication from virtually anywhere,” Robert added. “Especially now that we are able to use it on mobile devices such as our iPhones and iPads…it’s great!”

      From reactive to proactive

      “Rocket Matter has improved our firm’s operations. We moved from being reactive to proactive: We now create contracts on the fly using document templates and effortlessly generate invoices which results in getting paid faster,” says Robert. With Rocket Matter, members of the firm are now able to merge client and matter data into their favorite legal templates with one click.

      “We are able to respond to our clients faster with comprehensive, detailed reporting,” added Robert.

      Rocket Matter has improved both our efficiency and the level of service we offer our clients.

      Features and integrations

      Rocket Matter offers the features that lawyers use every day to manage their practice. “Before we started using Rocket Matter we did everything in Word documents and the amount of time it took to create a contract was not acceptable,” says Robert. “Now that we have document templates to use in Rocket Matter, we are able to generate a contract and customize it for each client much faster.”

      “We don’t use Dropbox, but we do use Evernote and are interested in learning about more third party apps as they come out.”, Robert adds. In addition to Dropbox and Evernote, Rocket Matter offers seamless integrations with Google Calendar, Chrometa, and Skype.

      Amazing customer service

      “The Rocket Matter support team has been amazing at both resolving issues, and their response time!” says Robert. “I was even able to catch CEO Larry Port and share ideas about how Rocket Matter can better serve the unique needs of our law firm. Great customer service!”

      Robert’s firm, on the cutting edge of family law, needed a cloud-based legal billing and practice management program to streamline operations and increase their mobility. Rocket Matter enabled the firm to accomplish both.

      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and make your law firm as productive and streamlined as Robert T Terenzio

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