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      Actually forget it. Don’t waste your time. Remember people clamoring all over each other to get onto Google Wave?

      We’re not lemmings, people. Just because there’s a hot new social media thing going on doesn’t mean you need to drop everything and trade favors to get an invitation. And if the “social media experts” are telling you you’re a loser for not getting involved, always remember they have a vested interest in being seen as a “social media expert” and making you believe a falsehood that you’re a tech laggard.

      Resist!  End the nonesense!

      If your goal is to grow your business, stick to blogging. Sprinkle in a little Twitter, though less than you think (unless you dig an echo chamber). Put those business cards you receive in LinkedIn and if you so desire, feel free to work it on Facebook if you wanna go down that path. Just make sure you know how to eliminate any pictures from Toga Parties or the S&M club you used to frequent.

      However, if your goal is NOT to grow your business and just chatter on and on, do whatever you want.

      If you think you’re behind the eight ball on Twitter, you’re really not missing as much as you think, and you’re probably better off than if you sunk countless hours into it. I’d encourage people to read an insightful post from Hubspot, an Inbound Marketing company, who will present a webinar with us in October. It’s a treasure-trove of hilarious Twitter statistic infographics gathered from around the web.  Here’s a sample:

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