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    Checklist For Creating Great Quality Video


      Identify who is searching for you online

      Identify content they want to know, not content you want to tell them

      Create content that is compelling, educational and interesting

      Let’s get specific here. Let’s say you are a real estate attorney looking to improve your online marketing. The first thing you need to do is determine if your potential clients are actually going online to search for information about your particular legal specialty. Importantly, are they searching for content to help answer their legal problems about real estate? If they are not, then you should immediately stop and divert your marketing attention elsewhere.

      However, if your consumers are online looking for information about how to solve their legal problems, then you must answer the next question.

      What Do I Talk About?

      What video content should you be creating to help educate and teach them about their legal problems? Most lawyers are under the assumption that their consumers want to know everything the lawyer knows. This is 100% wrong. Just because you have information about lots of topics, does not mean that your viewers want to know everything that you know.

      One reason why video marketing works so well is that it allows you to laser focus on highly targeted topics. A consumer with a legal problem has a specific need for targeted information. If you try and provide them with content that does not answer their pressing question, you will have wasted your time and effort.

      Stand Out From the Crowd

      What type of content can you create that will distinguish you from all the other real estate lawyers in your town? Go beyond the obvious FAQ’s. Take for example a buyer who just left a 20% deposit on a new house. The seller backed out of the deal. What educational content can you provide to a distraught buyer who wants to know how to get their deposit back?

      How about: “3 things you need to know if the seller backed out of their real estate agreement.” Or maybe, “Seller breached his contract. 5 Reasons why you may never be able to get your deposit back from escrow.” That is a highly targeted topic directed to a person with an immediate problem.

      Caveat: Remember, you never want to give legal advice in your video. Laws change and you never want a viewer to incorrectly rely on information in your video.

      You want to show your viewer that you have great information which is just the type of the iceberg. The way for them to get more information is to… pick up the phone and call you.

      Teach & Educate

      To stand out from the crowd when creating video to market your business online, you should always be educational and focus only on the consumer you are trying to attract.

      Remember, an online viewer searching for an attorney to solve their legal problem does not care about you and does not want to hear about your credentials. Be creative, teach your viewer and make your content interesting. Once you learn how to do that, you will recognize how powerful video marketing can be.

      Gerry Oginski is a practicing medical malpractice & personal injury trial lawyer in NY and is the Founder of the Lawyers Video Studio. Having created over 600 videos to market his own practice and helps lawyers create their own, Gerry is often referred to as the #1 authority on video marketing for attorneys in the Country.

      Gerry is the author of a new book, Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube.

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